Business Planning-Marketing Planning-Distribution


Baron Strategic Services maintains two databases which are available for rental, purchase and direct marketing. Click for more details.

We can wash selections against the Do Not Call Register.

We can advise on strategies to help achieve marketing goals, using economical and effective direct marketing methods.

The lists can be used to generate sales leads and inquiries for a lot less than mainstream advertising would cost.

Clients are also encouraged to consider incorporating or attaching their databases to our lists in order to increase usage and improve list maintenance. Confidentiality and exclusivity provisions can be accommodated.

List brokers are welcome to market our lists. We pay commission of 30%.



Privacy Policy

1. The information that we collect and hold

Farmer list: Name(s), address(es), phone number(s), email address, farm activities, size of farm.

Veterinarian list: Name(s), address, phone number(s), email address, practice name.

2. How we collect and hold information

Most records have been held for more than 15 years. Records are updated and new records added based on public sources such as newspapers, websites, published membership lists, etc.

The knowhow we employ to collect and update records is our property.

Records are held in an Access database on company computers.

3. Why we collect, hold and use information

We are a business, in operation since 1989.

We rent or sell records to organisations seeking to promote goods and services to farmers or veterinarians, or to undertake surveys of farmers or veterinarians.

4. How an individual may access personal information and seek its correction.

Email or telephone ( or 02 9719 8218)

It is in our commercial interest to ensure our records are accurate and we will gladly update and/or correct records.

We will remove from our records those who can confirm they are not, or are no longer, farmers or veterinarians.

5. How an individual may complain.

Email or telephone ( or 02 9719 8218)

6. Whether personal information is likely to be disclosed to overseas recipients.

We do not inquire as to the nationality of customers before accepting their order. If an organisation wishes to promote its services to Australian farmers or veterinarians, its nationality is irrelevant.